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10 Fun and Easy Ways to Decorate your Table for Easter
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10 Fun and Easy Ways to Decorate your Table for Easter

The sun is starting to shine, the birds are singing, and spring is in full swing. That means that Easter will be here before you know it and with it, an Easter gathering with family and friends. If you’re having guests over this Easter, you’ll want to wow them with a beautiful table, complete with Easter colours, bunnies, and egg motifs!

Decorating your table for Easter is the perfect way to show off bunny themed linens! Decorating your table for Easter may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually quite simple and can be done with only a few added extras and being creative with items you already have. Creating a beautiful Easter table will leave your guests in awe.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled 10 fun and easy ways to decorate your table for Easter.

  • 1) Bring the outdoors in

Adding some gorgeous fresh flowers to your table can really set the mood for your gathering and can bring the whole table together. Create a centerpiece with potted pansies or other spring florals. Try adding in pops of colour with vegetables or fruits to create a unique and eye-catching centerpiece. If going for fresh flowers, create the centrepiece a day or two in advance to allow the flowers some time to open up a bit before your gathering.

  • 2) Experiment with different colours

When you think of Easter, you often think of pastel colours, with a focus on pinks, blues, and yellows. Instead of going the pastel route, try incorporating other colour palettes into your Easter table. Bring in some jewel tones into your linens, and dishes. Not only does it add a different look to your table, the colours are more versatile and can be used for other table designs throughout the year.

  • 3) White, white, white

If you’re not into using a lot of colours, then try going for a crisp white Easter table. White represents the purity of spring and all things new. Bring in crisp white elements like white French linen tea towels, calla lilies, white candles, and white dishes. With an all-white table, you may want to adjust your food offerings accordingly, which means no bright red sauce at your table!

  • 4) Think beyond the bunny

When we think of Easter, the first thing that comes to mind is the Easter bunny. But don’t limit your Easter table to just images of a bunny. If you’re bringing in a graphic element, try adding in French linen tea towels with hummingbirds, ducklings, or flowers. You can also take bright colours and patterns and pair them with seasonal flowers arranged in similar colours. Or mix up your china patterns to create a more fun and vibrant table.

  • 5) Add a touch of vintage

Bring a vintage vibe to your table with some antiques! Add in vintage glasses or plates, tablecloths, or even vintage cutlery. You can also let your vintage elements set the mood by coordinating your florals, tablecloths, and French linen napkins to match. Don’t have any vintage items on hand? Swing by your favourite antique store to see what you can find. You never know what gorgeous pieces you may discover that will add just a touch of vintage chic to your table.

  • 6) Set the table with birds’ nests

Bring the beauty of spring indoors with decorative birds’ nests. You can set them inside teacups with tiny decorative eggs on top of the nests. You can get creative and mix and match different colours or you can stick to just one colour palette. You can find decorative birds’ nests at most craft stores or online. If you’re not into having decorative birds’ nests on your table but still want the look, pick up a French linen tea towel from Studio On Tenth adorned with a gorgeous hand painted birds’ nest.

  • 7) Bring in organic elements

Spring is all about nature and the renewal of plants and flowers. For your Easter table, try incorporating natural elements to provide pops of colour. For example, you can add in green apples to use as placeholders, with palms or leaves for name cards. When choosing your fresh elements, don’t be afraid to play with height to add dimension to your table. Different sizes force the eye to travel and highlight the beautiful spring components of your table.

  • 8) Add a graphic tablecloth

Tablecloths are an important element on your Easter table. Even though it may seem like just a background element, it sets the tone for your overall table. Go bold and choose a tablecloth with a statement print for maximum results. Or choose a plain tablecloth in simple whites or grays for a more classic vibe. You can always complement your tablecloth with matching placemats or French linen napkins in bolder colours or textures.

  • 9) Mix materials

For your Easter table, try mixing up the different materials in your table settings and décor. Add in natural elements like lemons, mix it up with ceramics, play around with French linens and top it off with textures like wood, straw, or rattan. A beautiful French linen napkin can easily be turned into a bunny by wrapping it around an Easter egg and tying it off with some string. Adding in different materials not only gives your table more depth and dimension, it gives your guests more to look at and appreciate.

  • 10) Keep it formal, yet friendly

A traditional Easter dinner brings to mind visions of formal place settings with crisp linens and fine china. However, nowadays, Easter dinner is often a gathering of both friends and family and a time to celebrate being together. You can still have all the formal elements of a traditional Easter table, with a full place setting, but you can add in less formal elements like beautiful centrepieces, and decorative touches like straw bunnies, Easter eggs and candles.

Whether you choose to create an Easter table with just one or all of the elements above, putting it all together will become one of your favourite Easter activities! Plus, if more than one idea piques your interest, you can always mix and match elements from each idea to create your own one-of-a-kind Easter table.Just remember to have fun with it!



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