A little bit about us!

Emma Pyle 


The majority of the artwork you see on Studio on Tenth products is painted by Emma. The chickadee was the first at age 17 and that is when we knew she really had a gift. 

From early on, Emma loved nature.  The long walks hunting for tadpoles, snakes, and ducks are now a part of everything she creates using her favorite medium, watercolor.  A carefully chosen palate derived from Mother Nature itself gives the images a light hearted yet true to life feel.

Emma is expanding her skills at UVIC and preparing for her future teaching in the Arts.  Currently residing in Victoria for her studies, it will be exciting to see what lays ahead for this 23 year old artist.



A note from Andrea


We started this business  as a way to put Emma through University without a student loan.  I remember saying we were going to pay for her education one tea towel at a time-- followed with a big chuckle. We also wanted her to be financially independent through out her life. We had some money saved for our kids but not enough for a full degree plus the living expenses that go along with it.  I have always had a side hustle and was able to use the playful images she painted to adorn all sorts of blank canvases.  We started with tea towels and have expanded from there.  I have now embarked on this as my full time job as the business has taken off  and truly love every minute.   Enjoy these offerings from our family to yours , and know they are made with much love.

Behind the Scenes

 My mom Dorothy has been our biggest supporter and studio helper.  Without her encouragement and advice we wouldn't be where we are.  She helps with production and also attends the sales when she can.  Doing this together as a family is the most rewarding aspect of our business.





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