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Emma Pyle Art


All the artwork printed on Studio on Tenth products is painted and created by Emma Pyle. 

From early on, Emma loved nature.  The long walks hunting for tadpoles, snakes, and ducks are now a part of everything she creates using her favorite medium, watercolor.  A carefully chosen palate derived from Mother Nature itself gives the images a light hearted yet true to life feel.

Emma is expanding her horizons daily and preparing for her future in the Arts.  Currently residing in Victoria for her studies, it will be exciting to see what lays ahead for this 22 year old  artist.



A note from Andrea


Creativity is in my genes. My mother's passion for all things beautiful and a keen business sense have been handed down to me and again down to my daughter, Emma. White canvases of many shapes and sizes come alive with charming images created in Studio on Tenth and Emma Pyle Art. Enjoy these offerings, and know they are made with much love.

Behind the Scenes