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8 Ways to Transform Your Home with Repurposed Art-Adorned Linens
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8 Ways to Transform Your Home with Repurposed Art-Adorned Linens

There’s something magical about filling our living spaces with art and creativity. It transforms a house into a home, making it uniquely ours. In a world where sustainability and creativity are becoming increasingly important, finding innovative ways to reuse and repurpose everyday items has never been more relevant. Art-adorned linens from Studio on Tenth offer a unique opportunity to infuse our homes with both artistry and eco-consciousness. Read on as we explore the art of reusing and repurposing these linens, unlocking their potential to add charm, elegance, and a touch of whimsy to every corner of your home.

1) Create wall art with linens
Who says art belongs solely on canvas? Art-adorned linens are masterpieces in their own right, waiting to grace your walls with their beauty. When a tea towel or napkin’s original use has run its course, give it new life as wall art. Secure it in a frame, making sure to stretch it taut, and experiment with different frames and arrangements to curate a gallery wall that resonates with your personal style. Frame larger linens, such as tablecloths or tapestries, to create captivating focal points in your living room, dining area, or bedroom. The result is a unique piece of art that adds a touch of whimsy to your walls and becomes a conversation starter for guests!
Tip: Experiment with different frame styles to match your home’s décor. Vintage frames can add a rustic charm, while sleek modern frames provide a contemporary touch.
2) Repurpose market bags as plant holders
Give your indoor plants a creative upgrade by repurposing market bags as plant holders. The vibrant prints of these bags can add a burst of color to any room. Place potted plants or small indoor planters inside the bags, allowing the foliage to cascade beautifully over the edges. Hang the bags on hooks or place them on shelves.
Tip: Opt for easy-to-care for indoor plants like pothos, spider plants, or succulents, which can thrive both in soil and water.
3) Use artistic aprons as kitchen décor
Who says aprons should be hidden away in drawers? Art-adorned aprons are a work of art themselves, and they deserve to be showcased in your kitchen. Hang your favourite apron on a decorative hook or a vintage wooden hanger to add a pop of color and artistry to your culinary space.
Tip: Rotate aprons seasonally or according to your kitchen’s colour scheme for a refreshed look.
4) Use linens as placemats and coasters
While art-adorned linens are perfect for setting an artful table, they can also be repurposed into quirky and eco-friendly placemats and coasters. Cut larger linens into placemat-sized pieces and use them to elevate your dining experience. For coasters, cut smaller linens and add a protective backing to shield your surfaces. Not only will these repurposed linens protect your furniture, but they’ll also add a touch of whimsy to every meal.
Tip: Get creative with the shapes and sizes of your placemats and coasters to add an extra layer of uniqueness.
5) Transform linens into a sentimental memory quilt
Transform cherished art-adorned linens into sentimental memory quilts that tell a heartwarming story. Gather linens from special occasions, family gatherings, or vacation memories, and stitch them together into a cozy quilt that becomes a tangible keepsake of your life’s precious moments.
Tip: Embellish the quilt with embroidery, buttons, or patches to add personal touches that make it uniquely yours.
6) Create linen napkin rings
Take your table settings to the next level with unique and rustic linen napkin rings. Cut narrow strips from art-adorned linens and roll them into delicate rings that hold your napkins in style. Tie a simple knot or add a small decorative charm for an extra touch of elegance. These DIY napkin rings bring an artistic and eco-friendly touch to your dining table.
Tip : Mix and match different linens to create a set of napkin rings that coordinate with your tablecloth, or tableware, adding visual interest to your table setting.
7) Use your linens for a furniture refresh
Give your tired and worn-out furniture a fresh makeover by using art-adorned linens as upholstery fabric. From accent chairs to throw pillows and ottomans, the possibilities are endless. The rich prints and vibrant colours of these linens breathe new life into old furniture, creating showstopping focal points in your living space.
Tip: Opt for linens with sturdy fabrics, such as cotton or linen blends, for upholstery projects that can stand the test of time.
8) Create a linen collage
Explore your inner artist by creating stunning textile collages and quilts using your favourite pieces of art-adorned linens. Cut out different patterns, motifs, and colours from several linens and arrange them into a cohesive design. The result is a captivating piece of textile art that reflects your creativity and adds a touch of whimsy to your home.
Tip: Use iron-on adhesive or fabric glue to secure the pieces before sewing them together to ensure a smooth and seamless finish.


Art-adorned linens aren’t just meant for a single purpose. They can be versatile art pieces that can be endlessly repurposed and reimagined to bring artistic charm and eco-consciousness to your home. From linens turned into wall hangings to market bags repurposed as plant holders, the possibilities are limitless. By giving new life to these linens, you not only reduce waste but also transform your living spaces into a gallery of creativity and sustainability. Remember the key is to let your imagination run wild and discover new ways to showcase these artistic creations in your home!







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