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Linen: 5 Reasons Why It's the Best Choice for Your Tea Towels

Linen: 5 Reasons Why It's the Best Choice for Your Tea Towels

The kitchen towel - it’s a staple item in every kitchen, and one that often gets overlooked. It’s used to wipe your hands, your dishes, and your surfaces but it can be more than just a towel. The kitchen towel can be a beautiful piece of art in your kitchen and can be the core of your kitchen décor. Tea towels can be beautiful, practical, and essential all at the same time!

What is a tea towel?
The tea towel first came into existence during the 18th century when households would use the towels while serving tea to catch the occasional drip. They would also be used to carefully dry fine china to prevent scratches.

The tea towel is a towel meant for any and all tasks done in the kitchen. They are more durable than other towels and are made to absorb a tough mess. They are usually reinforced with thick stitching around the edges to keep them strong.

Tea towels can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen décor and are one of the most functional pieces you can have in your kitchen. They can be used for:
  • Drying dishes
  • Drying hands
  • Wiping up spills
  • Disinfecting countertops
  • Serving hot dishes as a potholder
  • Drying off herbs and vegetables

Kitchen tea towels come in a variety of colours, patterns, and sizes, all to suit your kitchen’s décor and mood. You should always have a few on hand for those unexpected spills.

What materials are used for tea towels?
Kitchen towels can be found in a variety of materials such as linen, cotton and terry cloth. Each one has their own benefits and is preferred for different reasons. Linen is the more traditional choice of tea towels as they don’t leave any lint while being used, dry quickly and absorb moisture instantly. Cotton is another popular choice for tea towels as it is incredibly absorbent, while also strong and durable.

So, why choose linen?
Cotton may be the material of choice for mass market tea towels but when it comes to quality, linen is the best choice. So why do we love linen so much?

    1) It’s high durability
Natural linen is highly durable allowing it to be used again and again. Linen items can withstand numerous washes and will not wear and tear easily. They can be washed time and time again, offsetting their higher initial cost. In the kitchen, for example, linen tea towels will still appear crease-free due to the strength of its natural fibres and actually get softer the more they are used.

    2) It retains colour and shape
Linen tea towels keep their shape wonderfully and retain their original colour, even after numerous washes. Linen fibres also do not break down over time, keeping your dishes and glasses lint free. It also makes it a lovely gift that will truly stand the test of time.

    3) It has amazing drying properties
Linen tea towels are amazing at absorbing moisture and their drying properties are far better than cotton. They are more absorbent than cotton and actually get better with use, instead of breaking down and breaking apart over time. Due to its natural hollow fibres, linen can absorb much more than any other material.

    4) It is naturally healthy
Linen fibres are naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and antimycotic. It has a natural PH balance which helps to soften and preserve the skin.

    5) It’s 100% natural and good for the environment
Linen fibres are derived from flax plants. Linen tea towels are better for the environment as flax plants tend to need less water to grow, fewer resources to process and less chemicals and pesticides than cotton. Flax plants provide a greater harvest per acre than cotton as well.

What can I use a linen tea towel for?
Linen tea towels are incredibly versatile and have a number of different uses in the home, offering a range of uses both in and out of the kitchen. You can use a linen tea towel to:

    1) Give as a memento
Since the 18th century, tea towels have been passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom. Not only that, a personalized tea towel makes a terrific gift, and one that will be cherished for years to come.

    2) Wrap your baked goods
Use a linen tea towel to keep your muffins, cinnamon rolls, and fresh bread warm by wrapping them in a tea towel. They also make the perfect “wrapping paper” to use when you give your baked goods to family and friends!

    3) Use as a hot pad
A tea towel, when folded, makes a great hot pad for food as it comes out of the oven.

    4) Keep your greens fresh
After your rinse your leafy greens, they need a place to dry. Lay your tea towel out on the counter, place your leafy greens on top and carefully pat them dry. It’s one way to keep them nice and crisp.

    5) Decorate your table
A tea towel, especially one with a charming design, can add beauty to your table. Use it as a placemat or folded napkin and bring some charm to your table.

    6) Store your clean, wet dishes
Instead of using a drying rack, try drying your dishes on a linen tea towel instead. Lay your towel out on the counter and rest your clean dishes on top. The tea towel will absorb the water from your dishes.

    7) Line your cabinet shelves
Use clean linen tea towels as liners for your kitchen cabinets. Place the tea towels flat inside your kitchen cabinets. They’ll absorb excess water from your dishes and glasses, plus they’ll look great too! Make sure you change the tea towels out every once in a while, and give them a wash to keep them fresh.

How should I take care of my linen tea towels?
They may look like a delicate, but linen tea towels are easy to care for and are washing machine friendly. If you purchased coloured tea towels, make sure you wash them separately from other towels and laundry to avoid having the colours run. It’s also important to wash your towels carefully and regularly to avoid stains and a build-up of bacteria. Avoid strong fabric softeners and wash your tea towels in a mild detergent to keep them durable for longer.

Tea towels are an essential part of any kitchen and can add a whimsical touch to your décor. Choose tea towels with charming images, like the French linen tea towels created by Studio On Tenth. The fresh pop of colour on their tea towels takes an ordinary tea towel and turns it into a beautiful piece of art in your kitchen.



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